North Shore ski season: April sudden death overtime

At the Piedmont Ski Trail overlook in April

All good things must come to an end. Eventually, this amazingly late North Shore ski season will be over. But not yet. I skied three kilometers this afternoon on Duluth’s Piedmont Ski Trail, and it was okay. There is a lot of snow in the woods and as long as the night time temps keep going below freezing, we’ll have skiing. But all it will take is a heavy rain or a few days in the 50s, and it will be over.

Here are a few late-season trail updates for the committed North Shore skier:

City of Duluth trails
The city crews stopped grooming early last week. Positive reports are still coming in from Lester and Piedmont. 

Boulder Lake Ski Trails
The good folks at Minnesota Power are still out grooming the trails.  According to their phone hotline, skate lanes are in good shape. For the most recent updates, find “Boulder Lake Ski Trails” out on Facebook.

Sugarbush Trails
Up in Lutsen and Tofte, they’re still grooming their terrific trails. Their reports say Fair to Good for virtually the whole system.

As for me, my ski season is complete. For the next 10 days, we’re off to explore the desert canyon country again. When we’re back, the trails will all be mud and energy bar wrappers. I am done. My good ski season has in fact come to an end.



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