A pirate ship on Lake Superior

It was a scene right out of Pirates of the Caribbean. The efficient crew of the salty ship left the harbor at first light and was seen sailing away into the sunrise. At 6:00 AM today, the BBC Orinoco slipped through the Duluth Lift Bridge and headed out to safety. No pirate attacks in this harbor.

The ship was the BBC Orinoco, and the crew had good reason to fear pirates…they and their good ship were attacked by pirates just six months ago, as they sailed the Arabian Sea. 

It’s a great story. Pirates boarded the vessel. The crew retreated to their onboard citadel, where they were safe from the pirates, and called the Indian Navy. The Navy sent in commandos, rousted the pirates, and the ship was free to continue.

Here’s a quote from Pakistan Defence:
At daybreak, the naval forces, which had arrived at the scene, commenced their actions. MARCOS slithered onto the merchant ship from a Sea King helicopter and took the crew, who were locked in compartments, to safety, while the helicopter provided air borne fire support. The merchantman was boarded by naval personnel and a thorough search is currently in progress. The ship will set course for its destination once the boarding party reports all clear. Although no pirates remain onboard, implements such as crow bar, knives etc., were found aboard the ship.

Plus the ship just drips with international intrigue. It’s registered in Antigua. The crew is from the Ukraine and the Phillipines. It’s owned by Germans. The name Orinoco is a river in Venezuela and Colombia, and is the subject of song from Irish singer Enya.

Godspeed, Orinoco!


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