Bonus season: take another lap around the ski trails

Are we near the “Finnish” of the North Shore ski season?

It’s been an amazing month for skiing on the North Shore. Just when you think the big thaw is around the corner, another 5-6 inches of snow comes out of nowhere, the temps drop below zero, and the groomers carve out another perfect ski trail. The snowpack continues to increase. The snow is like January, but the sunshine and long days are like March. 

Sally and I have been out skiing every chance we get. On Saturday, we skied at Piedmont ski trails here in Duluth. Sunday we drove north to Boulder Lake. Both days we decided to ski one more lap, one more bit of trail that on any other day we would have skipped.

The ski season will end. Even with today’s snow, the season could end next week. For now, it’s carpe diem and we take another lap. 

Where to go for the snow

Where is there still good skiing on the North Shore? The short answer is “everywhere.” But as temps rise and the crowds thin, you’ll want to head to trails that are committed to grooming. Here’s where you’ll find the best late-season North Shore skiing this year:


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