"I think they’re having more fun here."

Beth Gauper, in the most recent of her always-informative Midwest Weekends e-mail newsletter, wrote that “Grand Marais is our No. 1 place to take children in Minnesota.” She cites the rock-skipping and the donut shops, to start with.

I really love the quote from some teachers visiting from Australia: “We’ve been to the Mall of America and Disney World, places where (the kids are) excited to be, of course, but realistically, I think they’re having more fun here.’’


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  1. It really is a great place. I’ve found that the things that kids remember the most are often the most simple things. Skipping stones and climbing on rocks. Walking up a river bottom to a waterfall was a huge hit this summer. Just hiking in general on the Superior hiking trail made a impression. Tell them the history and it’s even better.

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