Hiking the North Shore

50 fabulous day hikes in Minnesota’s spectacular Lake Superior region, 2nd Edition

Hiking the North Shore
50 fabulous day hikes in Minnesota’s spectacular Lake Superior region, 2nd Edition

By Andrew Slade | ISBN 978-0-9794675-3-0 | $16.95

Get into Minnesota’s most rugged and scenic wild places. From Duluth to Grand Portage, discover magnificent trails that wind through:

  • 9 state parks
  • The Superior National Forest
  • The Superior Hiking Trail
  • …even hikes into the BWCA!

Naturalist and North Shore expert Andrew Slade scouted out over 300 miles of trails along inland ridges and Lake Superior shoreline for this indispensable guide. Grab your boots and go!

Those new to Minnesota’s North Shore, as well as experienced hikers in Lake Superior country, will find Hiking the North Shore the most comprehensive resource around—Andrew hiked every trail, checked out every overlook, and visited every waterfall so you can plan a perfect day’s hike.

Includes the best of the Superior Hiking Trail

Find recommendations for short and easy hikes that will quickly plunge you into a true North Shore experience, as well as longer, more challenging hikes that will take you to the highest points in Minnesota, unusual geological formations, and old-growth forests. Hiking the North Shore will encourage and inspire hikers of all skill levels to get out and explore these beautiful routes. What are you waiting for?

Everything you need is inside this book:

  • Details on day hikes ranging from 2 miles to 12 miles
  • Driving directions
  • Maps of each hike, including GPS coordinates
  • Time estimates for every hike
  • A full range of hikes—trails perfect for families with young kids, challenges for hard-core adventure seekers, and moderate hikes for everyone in between
  • Information on facilities, permit requirements and helpful websites
  • Tips for finding shortcuts and navigating tricky trail crossings
  • Suggestions for timing your hike for spring wildflowers, summer berries or fall colors
  • Tips for planning round trip and shuttle hikes
  • Fascinating lore about flora, fauna, geology and history
  • Recommendations for kicking back after your hike, including nearby restaurants, lodging, camping, museums
  • And much more!

Gear up for the best hiking in the Midwest!

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Reviews for Hiking the North Shore

Thank you for this book. I am in my 60’s and love the outdoors, and the North Shore. Although I have arthritis and am an out of shape Grandma, I still want to put on my boots, grab my hiking poles and backpack full of water and energy bars, and take off on a trail. This book gave me the courage to do just that. The hikes are rated for difficulty, and I know my limits, so I only do the easy ones. This book explains where to park, how to get there, what to expect, (are there toilets?) all help ease the anxiety of a novice. You can thank Diana Nyad for opening a Pandora’s box for those of us women “of a certain age” to get out there and do it, find a way. We are never too old to do what we love. So, Andrew Slade, thank you for giving me this wonderful tool, and so many lovely days in the woods and along the beautiful “sweet sea” of Lake Superior.

Lydia Kagen

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Great preparation book. I read 4 books in preparation for our trip around Lake Superior this summer. This one along with Gentle Hikes — were the best in preparing for our trip. We are in our 40s and 50s with only minimal to moderate experience and some health and stamina considerations. I know we are going to have a fabulous trip. Thanks to those who take the time to document natures beauty and the best ways to access it.


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Even the most dedicated of North Shore trekkers will find new trails to occupy future years of wandering…Like an unexpected gift under the Christmas tree, here are 50 trails waiting for our feet. Andrew really explored this landscape and we really appreciate it. Just open up the book randomly and put your finger on a page and you have the guide to adventure and discovery. Like a true naturalist Andrew was inspired by all that he saw, whether a new bird, a new flower, wolf scat, a quirky mushroom, or the view from a rocky overlook.

Mike Link and Kate Crowley, Full Circle Superior

The North Shore is the outdoor recreation gem of the Midwest. I’m biased, but hiking is the best way to experience this region’s treasures — its rocky coastline, interior hills, tumbling waterfalls, and deep river gorges. Hiking the North Shore is an excellent resource to guide your way.

Andrew Skurka, adventure athlete, speaker, guide & writer

Andrew Slade has revealed to hikers a tremendous treasure in his choice of 50 hikes. There are gems here I had never heard of — and I thought I knew the North Shore inside and out. I can hardly wait to get my feet moving and my camera clicking.

Rudi Hargesheimer, Midwest Mountaineering manager, trail advocate, and photographer, www.northshorephotoart.com

Hiking the North Shore is the guide North Shore visitors have been needing for years. First-timers can use it to find the most popular day hikes — Carlton Peak, Oberg Mountain, Devil’s Kettle — but the guide also includes many intriguing, lesser-known trails that even veteran hikers will be eager to try. Author Andrew Slade put a lot of legwork into this very useful book, mapping, photographing and describing each of his selections, and the result is an instant classic.

Beth Gauper, MidwestWeekends.com travel guide

Very helpful. In planning a trip to the North Shore this September, I found this book very helpful in deciding which hikes to include. It has a lot of detail including distance, difficulty, location, unique features and easy to read maps.


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North Shore hikes for everyone. If you are traveling up the north shore of Lake Superior you will want this book. It is a hiking guide, but one that may appeal most to families and recreational hikers. It includes a surprising number of easy nature hikes in towns and state parks that would be suitable for anyone who wants to head out for an interesting walk. There are also hikes of moderate difficulty along the Superior Hiking Trail and hikes further inland from Lake Superior. And, there are a few more challenging hikes where you are likely to see no other people. I opened the book expecting more of the challenging hikes so I had to re-evaluate the audience for this book. Andrew Slade knows the region. In this book he has offered some hikes for everyone.

The book opens with a map of the region showing the location of 50 unique day hikes. Wherever you stay in the area, you will find some hikes close by. Each hike is described with a brief summary that includes: a difficulty rating, the distance in miles, a diagram of the trail, and the location of the trailhead with notes about facilities. (It is sometimes important to know if there will be water or restrooms available before you start your hike.) It’s quick and easy to skim these details to determine if it is the type of hike you are seeking. It would have been nice to clearly label all loop hikes, but you can check the diagrams or narrative if you don’t want to hike out and back. The three pages of narrative and black and white photos for each hike help you anticipate your experience. Slade describes the trail and natural history of the area.

In addition to the hikes, there are nuggets of information throughout the book. Slade offers suggestions for “eats, treats, and lodging” in the area; notes on the geology and natural history of the region; and insights on the “Best” of the North Shore. This book reminded me of places to take visiting relatives and I have found some new places to explore. I am happy to have the book in my collection.


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