The Banff Mountain Film Festival comes to Duluth

Find 2,000 local skiers, hikers, climbers, and outdoorsy types. Get them out of their north woods cabins. Dress them up in wool, fleece, and nylon. Send them for a night out at the movies, pack them tightly into a local auditorium, and show them films of beautiful wild places and crazy outdoor adventures.

It’s the annual Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour and it’s happening in Duluth again this year on Saturday & Sunday, January 6 & 7, 2018 at DECC Symphony Hall.

Like January snow, it’s totally fresh. These films are the winners from the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada which recently wrapped up its mountain film + book festival competition. Duluth is one of the early stops on a world tour that will reach 40 states and nearly 40 countries. There’s even a showing in Antarctica.

The great films are for a great cause. The Banff Mountain Film Festival is a premiere fundraising event for the Duluth Cross-Country Ski Club, an amazing group of volunteer ski enthusiasts that are making great progress improving Duluth trails and grooming.

Experience the thrill of the unknown. The films that are screened Saturday night will be entirely different from the films screened on Sunday. When you show up, you don’t really know what will be showing until it’s announced from the stage, but it’s all great and the films are all fun. So be there, then be there again.

There will be raffles, gear, booths, food and drink at both showing dates.

If you go. Buy your tickets ahead of time; the festival always sells out. Purchase tickets at the DECC box office, online here, or at the following Duluth businesses: Continental Ski & Bike, Ski Hut, Trailfitters, Duluth Pack, and Vertical Endeavors.

Complete event details are at the Duluth Cross-Country Ski Club website.


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