Canyoneering the North Shore

Thank you, Bryan Hansel, for seizing the day and capturing it on video. This vid show Bryan and a friend descending the Kadunce River up past Grand Marais, with ropes and safety equipment.

Kadunce Canyoneering from Bryan Hansel on Vimeo.

The streams and canyons of the North Shore are calling out for creative thinking outdoor professionals. If you’re looking for a new North Shore adventure experience, get in touch with Bryan through his website.


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2 Responses

  1. Bryan Hansel says:

    Thanks for posting this. There were definately a few moments where we thought “that was a little sketchy.” There were a few places where we would have like to have been able to anchor a rope and rap over waterfalls.

    Not a trip for the untrained for sure.

  2. Awesome, one of the few little rivers I’ve never explored.
    A few years ago we went up Devils Track River and it was interesting.
    Very dry and shallow that year.
    The North Shore is full of fun.
    I just took a drive today up the
    North Shore for a bit.
    Grandma’s yesterday sure had Duluth

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