Duluth to Two Harbors Hike part 3: Martin Road to Prindle Road

I’ve never walked in the English countryside. Today was darn close, however. We hiked…er, perambulated…2.5 miles from Martin Road to an unofficial trailhead on Prindle Road, and most of it through lovely farm fields. With my 82-year-old father and his faithful yellow retriever. And my own not quite as faithful poodle.

My inheritance isn’t vast tracts of bucolic estate lands or iconic castles. I inherited from my father a passion for hiking and for obscure long-term goals. Dick wants to have hiked the entire Superior Hiking Trail, and he accomplished that 10 years ago. But they keep adding new trail sections, so every few years we head out and explore the new terrain. I want to hike from Duluth to Two Harbors this year. I’m maybe a fifth of the way there.

Cue the theme song from Downton Abbey.

British indeed:

Our feet were damp from morning dew in the unmowed grass.

We passed farmers working by hand in their fields.

Old barns loomed over the hills.

Even the names of the landmarks we passed were veddy veddy British: Martin, Amity, Riley, Prindle.

Dick and Andrew Slade at Martin Road trailhead

Dick and Andrew Slade at Martin Road trailhead

This stretch of the Superior Hiking Trail is located entirely on the North Shore State Trail. The North Shore State Trail was built for snowmobiling, not hiking. And in winter, this landscape would not be nearly as green or luscious as it was today. Lucky us!

But where were the tea and crumpets when we finished the hike?

Old barn beyond the trail bridge

Old barn beyond the trail bridge

The hike to Two Harbors continues tomorrow, from Prindle Road to Lismore Road. No more English countryside, I’m afraid. Just lovely woods, a few deerflies, and one foot in front of another.


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2 Responses

  1. Courtney Ellian says:

    Hi there! Where on Martin Road can you park to begin the section hike? Would love to try this section when the leaves come out. Thanks!

  2. Andrew Slade says:

    Hi Courtney, thanks for writing. We used the official SHTA trailhead on Martin Road. It’s 1.9 miles west of Jean Duluth Road on the outskirts of Duluth. You walk near Martin Road for about half a mile.

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