A North Shore deck for everyone

There’s a deck with a view waiting for you at Gooseberry.

On most lakes, the best part of your own private estate is the dock down by the water. Docks are useless on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Unless they are made of tons of concrete and are in a protected bay, the big lake will take them away.

Instead of a dock, the best part of your own private North Shore estate is your deck. Many a fancy gathering has been on a North Shore deck, many an inspirational journal entry written.

There are three terrific, gorgeous, brand new North Shore decks available to anyone willing to hike a mile or so at Gooseberry Falls State Park.

Gather three or four of your best friends. Pack up your favorite hors d’oeuvres and beverages. Take the two-mile Gitchi Gummi trail to the secluded southeastern corner of the park, across the river from the main visitor center area. Less than a mile in you’ll find the first of two new platforms perched over dramatic Lake Superior views. This one is alright. It’s built right in front of the historic stone CCC shelter.

Hike just a bit further to the second and third decks. Claim the lower one. Pull out your journal or your canapes. Toast the lake and each other and the good fortune of hiking on the North Shore.

The platforms were built in the name of erosion protection and interpretation. You can claim them for yourself, for an hour or so, in the name of pleasure and celebration. It’s your own personal North Shore deck. Just be sure to clean up when you leave.


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  1. I’ll be there in two weeks with people have have never seen anything on the North Shore. This is what I really enjoy, showing somebody something that is so outstanding. Gooseberry is always a favorite place. Even in low water it’s fun to walk on the riverbed and study the rock and volcanic lava basalt. The nature center is a nice building as well.
    Good for Minnesota State Parks and those wonderful decks.

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