Erkki Harju says "Ski" in Two Harbors


In twenty years of skiing on the North Shore’s groomed trails, I’ve seen a lot of signs with basically the same message: Please don’t walk on the groomed ski trail. I even remember the Nordic ski coach back in high school pleading with students in a school assembly to stay off the ski tracks around the athletic fields. But this sign, which I found yesterday at the Erkki Harju ski trail in Two Harbors, is by far the goofiest and maybe the most effective I’ve seen. 

No, that is not Erkki Harju himself with the shovels and the drawl. According to my son, that’s Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons, a vaguely Scottish lip-reader. 

Of course, as a former poodle-walker myself, I found the message a little personal. 

Here’s the whole sign: 

I really hope that last apostrophe is a typo and that they have more than one volunteer. These are lovely trails and there has to be a good group in town taking care of them. Although they wind through and around a golf course, the trails are mostly in the woods, so it was more like skiing through a forested glade than along a fairway.
To check it out for yourself, turn off Highway 61 onto County Road 2 at the eastern edge of Two Harbors, and drive just 0.7 miles north to the parking lot on the right. Just be sure ya ski and not walk on the trails. Especially if ya got a poodle.


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  1. Brian says:

    Sorry this doesn’t really relate to the post, but when will the hiking book be available? I’d prefer that ski season never ended, but it probably will and I’m planning ahead. I’ve done some spectacular hikes that I never knew about after reading about them on this blog. I want more. This will (obviously) be the best book of 2011!

  2. Andrew Slade says:

    Brian, “Hiking the North Shore” should be showing up at a bookstore near you any day now. I’ll try to get it here on the blog as well. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Joe Newton says:

    Respect the løype! We had trouble here in Bergen, Norway last year between the runners and skiers on a local trail. The trouble was averted this year when the snow failed to show for more than about a week in December…

    Loving the Willie poster, I wonder if it will translate into Norwegian…

  4. Mark Roberts says:

    Looking forward to the Hiking book – hopefully I’ll get some in before I leave!

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